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I'm all on board with Mink and Aoba having a child, but I like the idea of them having a daughter instead of a son. Aoba names her after Mink's mom and Mink tears up a little at that, but doesn't let any tears fall. Nods his head in agreement because he's too choked up to speak and kisses Aoba's temple to thank him. Their daughter constantly plays with their allmates, Aoba and Mink usually have to keep an eye on her because she has a tendency to get hurt because of her adventurous streak.

Mink always sits her down in the mornings, while Aoba cooks breakfast, and brushes and braids her hair while telling her stories about his childhood and the woman she’s named after and their culture. Aoba listens in but never comments so they can have their privacy. At night, after they put her to bed, she always crawls in their bed because she loves them so much that she never wants to be apart from them. She grows up learning Mink’s native language, English, and Japanese, and some days it just hits Mink so hard in the gut that this is it. This beautiful, little girl is the proof that his wonderful husband did save him all those years ago. He gave him a new life.




Not taking any chances

Shit me neither

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DOUCHEBAGS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ - Chris Yuu Takigawa [Diamond no Ace]

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